As someone who has recently passed the Master of Wine qualification, Mark understands the need for excellent tasting skills and communication. This series of Advanced Tasting Skills classes is an excellent opportunity for those wanting to enhance their tasting prowess. The aim is not to lecture but to encourage thinking. 

Why does a particular wine taste as it does? How do we assess its quality? And how can we begin to make reasoned arguments about from where a wine may have originated? All classes feature excellent, benchmark examples of wines that aid both learning and enjoyment. Mark will act as a guide through these sessions but will encourage lively and class-wide discussion.

Suitable for those who have passed WSET L3 (or similar) and above.

2017/10/18 - 19:00~22:30 

2017/10/25 - 19:00~22:30  

2017/11/29 - 19:00~22:30

2017/12/06 - 19:00~22:30

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